A Pause?

It’s what I thought about taking. I thought about putting this little soap box of mine on Holiday because something came up. Something wicked this way was coming for some time but I chose to ignore the looming shadows.

It arrived like a bullet to the back of of my head but, oddly, I haven’t really felt it yet. Or maybe the new me is a Super version and I can take these eclipses in stride now. Maybe I knew that this too shall pass and I can just shield my eyes and wait, opting not to follow the medieval villager I was who ran from the natural until his lungs gave in and exhaled the fear that was festering in them.

Standing and fighting is always harder than running scared. But to grapple with this challenge, I thought I would need to devote all my waking moments, save for sustenance, showering, and shitting. But even mighty armies take time to sleep and heal and sing and drink and swap stories so that they can be strong enough to kill one another the next day. There was no way I could grind away at this new front without regular release.

As such, there’s no reason I can’t use some of my free time to continue producing asinine rants for my 4 loyal readers (DG, BB, EL, AV). But most of all, it’s good for me to write it out and it just happens to be fun, too. Those twains don’t meet often and you should rush to them when they do.

So the 4 of you are stuck with me for as long as this is fun (for the both us presumably).

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