Which Harry Potter Character Am I?


I’m watching all 8 Harry Potter movies with my son this week. We both like to sit on the couch, eat unhealthy food, and watch the tube. I’ve already determined my Hogwarts House so now I’m excited to take many more quizzes and determine more geeky things about my already excessively geeky self. Today’s project is finding out which Harry Potter character I am. Before I take any character quizzes, I am going to predict that I end up being Neville Longbottom. Just a hunch. I swear on my geek honor that I have not cheated and looked ahead to inform this guess.

Buzzfeed: Dumbledore. Extremely flattering and while we do share the same fondness for facial hair, there is no way this is accurate.

Brainfall: Fred AND George! I wish. These dudes are cool. I have never been cool.

Zimbio: Ron Weasley. Well he is pretty awkward so this could be me. But I could never be the popular group.

Quizony: Dumbledore again. Again, no way in hell am I that badass and decent.

Magiquiz: Ginny and Fred Weasley (this quiz says there are two characters for each side of a person’s personality). I do admire the Weasleys but, again, I’m a Hufflepuff.

From the quiz: “You are a Weasley through and through, although you have traits of more than one Weasley sibling. As Ginny, you have a fierceness and power that others often underestimate due to your cuteness. You are talented, and often pick up on difficult concepts quickly. But similar to Fred, you also have a wicked sense of humor and an inability to take most things seriously. You probably have a best friend that you keep close.

Like both of these Weasleys, you have a sharp tongue for anyone you dislike or who crosses you, a quick and agile mind, and a tendency to tease those you like best.”

Oxford Dictionaries: Dumbledore. Third time is not a charm. There’s no way I am august.

Beano: Dobby. Eh I don’t know where this came from; I don’t really even like him much.

Buildquizzes: Hermione. No way am I this smart, dedicated, or ethical.

Quibblo: Hermione. Nope. See previous.

ProPofs: Ron. I identify with Ron but he’s best friends with the hero and I’m not on that level of cool.

Boston.com: Luna Lovegood. I like her; I find her charming. But I’m nothing like her.

Zoo.com: Neville Longbottom. Clearly this quiz is a cut above the rest. It had 3 times as many questions. The web design was slick. And, obviously, it got my true nature. (Yes I realize I’m ignoring all the other quizzes.). But OBVIOUSLY, this quiz is scientific and the rest are OBVIOUSLY rubbish, obviously.

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