What Harry Potter House Am I In?

I’m watching all the Harry Potter movies with my son this week.

My son got Slytherin – I just had to read several pages of Slytherin goodies on pottermore to talk him down:

We’ve both already seen them all before but we both like to rewatch movies. It’s really I think one of our first common passions.

On a personal note I would like nothing more than to be sitting in that hallowed hall and have the sorting hat on my head. I think I’d like it better even than being a Jedi Knight but not better than being a mutant.

According to the Pottermore quiz , I am in the Hufflepuff house.

I had taken a house quiz before and I got Gryffindor. But I always thought that was too cool for me. So Hufflepuff makes more sense. And the Hufflepuffs get along best with Gryffindors so it’s like I’m cool adjacent.


OMG – Fang is so cute!

I’m watching the first movie as I type this. Back to the post.

Aside over.

I’ve been enjoying reading about Hufflepuff but I didn’t like some pottermore.com’s questions so I decided to take a few more sorting hat quizzes and see what a combination of the authorized and unauthorized experts have to say about my proper place:

Time magazine’s quiz says I am a

Hufflepuff (78%) but also a 0% Slytherin. I think I’m way too big an asshole to have 0% .

Buzzfeed’s February 2, 2017 quiz says I am Hufflepuff (45% only), 23% Gryffindor (sure probably) and 18% Slytherin (I’d say higher but I think this quiz is most accurate so far).

Brainfall’s quiz says I am Hufflepuff. Ok ok ok. I’m probably Hufflepuff. But I’m still gonna keep taking quizzes.

Playbuzz’s quiz says I am a Gryffindor! Clearly the other quizzes are full of it. Sigh. I know they’re right. Bummer.

ProPofs’ quiz says I am a Ravenclaw. Weird. But it’s still Hufflepuff by a large margin.

Beano.com’s quiz says I am a Gryffindor! That makes it 5 Hufflepuff, 2 Gryffindor, 1 Ravenclaw. But honestly this quiz wasn’t very good. The questions were kinda lame and transparent.

Zimbio.com’s quiz says I am Hufflepuff. Can’t really argue at this point.

And for my final quiz, I’m taking a British publication’s (Timeout) quiz. It says I am a Ravenclaw. I thought this was the most entertaining quiz. And I think I’m part Ravenclaw.

But you can’t argue against the math.

Hufflepuff – 5

Gryffindor- 2

Ravenclaw – 2

Hufflepuff wins it by far.

After reading more about the winning house, I have to say I do seem like a Hufflepuff. After all I am a fan of science and pseudoscience so I trust the completely (not at all) scientific quizzes majority result.

I am off to read even more about Hufflepuff and embrace my magical roots.

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