Dogs Have Superpowers

This is going to be a weird, probably gross, definitely immature, post. Fair warning.

If a dog was a human being, it would have SUPERhuman sight and sound.

Dogs DO NOT have a higher pain threshold than people. That is a cruel myth.

Dogs do, especially the more food motivated breeds, have VERY unsophisticated palates. You could very well characterize their tolerance for terrible tasting things as superhuman. I’m not going to link for proof to that fact. I’ve seen enough proof with my own eyes. Let me present my evidence.

Exhibit A. “Z.”


Angelic face, right? I’ve seen her eat grass, chicken bones, dirt, mud, rotten food, indescribable liquid and solid masses, etc. And I assure you she would do it all over again.

Exhibit B “G.”


Cute dog? Yep. Sundae? Yep. He wants the sundae? Yep. He also started eating a person’s poop in a park once before I stopped him. I am not exaggerating a single word in that sentence.

Exhibit C. “H.”

00598_p_15an2u2nwy0598 Super cute puppy? Yep. Ate her own poop unless prevented? Yep.

Exhibit D. “Sugar”

(Photo unavailable)

Sugar, a black lab, now deceased (RIP), once ate another dog’s recently evacuated poop, vomited it up, and then proceeded to eat the poop-vomit mixture.

There’s no great point to this post. It’s just that dogs rule and there are many reasons they rule and the aforementioned reasons are just some of them.

Go pet your pooch.


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