Incredibles 2: mini review++

The tweet/mini review:

#Incredibles2 acting 8 directing 8 story 6 A&orE 10 editing 9 SW score: 41. Rare is the sequel that rises near the level of its iconic precursor. The plot was old but the look, dialogue, & set pieces were still A+. 4 out of 5 octopi #MovieReview #fun


++ content: I can’t really say anything bad about this movie. Maybe I was just in a weird place when I saw it. It was excellent but it didn’t move my heart or make my soul jump like the inaugural chapter. Nothing can ever match the wonder of an amazing first installment in a legendary franchise. For example, even though Empire Strikes Back is the better film and the best Star Wars movie of all time, the introduction to Lucas’ beautiful universe, the first time you encounter the most famous and beloved sci-fi/fantasy world, can’t be matched. Your 2nd love might be strongest but nothing will feel like the first. That’s what Incredibles 2 was like, except, unlike Empire, it wasn’t the better movie.

Incredibles 2 is a fine film. It did everything right. But unlike #1, it was only the sum of its parts.

SPOILER ALERT: this was a rehash of the first Incredibles plot. A mysterious benefactor pays one of the parents handsomely and it looks like a great gig initially and, like the 1st one, the benign patron turns malignant. Oh, and the Jack Jack fight scene with the raccoon absolutely and hilariously steals the movie.

*SW score explained: Shark Wrighter Score: Based on a sum of 4-5** sub-scores (with 1 being terrible to 10 being terrific.)

**Sometimes movies’ effects aren’t relevant so they don’t get an effects sub-score.

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