The Vietnam War (Ken Burns, Lynn Novick): mini review++

The tweet/mini review:

The Vietnam War: importance 10 directing 10 story 10 effects photography 10 editing 10 SW score*: 50. Of note: devastating, indictment of the USA’s war that killed ~ 58,220 Americans & 1,353,000 Vietnamese. Bravo @KenBurns @LynnNovick #VietnamWar #genocide


++ content:

Just watch it. I’m the most cynical person you will meet and the sheer audacity and scope of the evil perpetrated by the United States government is astounding. It is nothing short of bipartisan, coordinated, amoral, American executed genocide.


Richard Nixon prolonged the war by sabotaging peace talks to improve his election chances. Read that again. He PROLONGED A WAR that was killing people (even Americans, oh my!) to further his political career. And almost worse, LBJ knew and didn’t report this to the American public.

If the kill numbers cited above don’t blow your hair back, here’s the cherry on top: ~303,700 Americans and ~600,000 Vietnamese were wounded.

*SW score explained: Shark Wrighter Score: Based on a sum of 4-5** sub-scores of key (scripted non-Fiction i.e. documentary, news, sports, when trump pretends to be able to spontaneously speak English) television show components (importance, writing, directing, effects, editing), with 1 being terrible and 10 being terrific.

**Sometimes a television show’s effects aren’t relevant so they don’t get an effects score.

#war #americangenocide #americanwarcrime #americaninvasion #americanimperialism #americanevil #hypocrisy #evil #imperialism #colonialism #bipartisan #LBJ #Nixon #Kennedy #Eisenhower #jingoism #murder #genocide #greed #senseless #heartofdarkness

#AmericanHolocaust #VietnamWar

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