Melania’s Fashion Senseless

There’s been a lot of hubbub about Melania Trump’s choice of jacket to wear when she went to visit a Trump brand child concentration camp in Texas yesterday. People want to know what the message meant and why she chose to wear it? Rightwing fans of the First Cunt spin things so that it was a thoughtful and kind message. Melania haters (decent human beings) say it’s a callous declaration of her complete lack of sympathy).

Both sides are wrong. I’ll tell you what the deal is.

Melania Trump does not have the mental capacity to think of this stunt. If you want proof of my claim, see the following exhibits: (1) she married donald trump (2) she tried to shift be blame spotlight from her fucker husband and asserted that both political parties needed to come together to stop the child separations. But then her human piece of shit husband modified the policy miraculously despite his multiple claims that he could not.

She has a stylist. Someone told her this jacket with the message “I really don’t care. Do U?” was something she should wear to visit children being held in detention centers.

Why would someone give her this advice? Well the quality of human being and their respective intelligence isn’t very high when it comes to the foot soldiers and the general of this administration.

I thought for about a millisecond that she was just revealing her true, Republican core value, of lack of empathy. But honesty is not this regime’s bag so I dismissed that right away.

So her advisor or advisors told her this: this will be a clever and ironic statement on the plight of children that have been separated from their parents. Every reasonable person will understand this and you will be lauded for it.

The White House really needs to hire some PR consultants who are actually alive.

Who were Melania and her consultants trying to reach? Their base? The same base that supports child separation? If so, it seems that question her jacket poses has already been answered so it’s an act of redundancy. Was they trying to reach independent voters? No, because they don’t exist. Was she trying to reach the resistance? If she thought the people who opposed child separation would find this situation to be a joking matter or a subject for glib sarcasm, I think she and/or her advisors have belied an astronomical tone deafness.

I chalk it up to two defining characteristics of this administration: callousness and incompetence.

What’s that? Right. There is one more thing.

45 and his stormtroopers revel in firing back, doubling down, and needling their enemies (decent human beings). So it would not surprise me that this jacket also conveyed this succinct message: “You made us back off (at least theoretically) on our child concentration camps but how’s this statement for a ‘fuck you anyway,”.

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