Dear Conservative White America: An Open Letter From A Subhuman

To Whom I Know It Does Not Concern,

A lot of outrage and media time has been devoted to the separation of children from their undocumented parents nowadays. I vent my outrage all the time and I think it’s a healthy thing to do and I feel a person should always fight for what matters to them. I do believe there is a lot of illegitimacy with regards to many of the organizations and individuals who are proclaiming righteous indignation over this separation policy but that’s not really the point of this post.

The point of this post is to say ‘I’m tired.’

I’m tired of the rule of law justifications.

I’m tired of the biblical justifications.

I’m tired of the political justifications.

I’m tired of the blame game justifications.

I’m tired of the resource justifications.

I’m tired of the repentant Trump voter justifications.

I’m tired of the America First justifications.

I’m tired of the logistical justifications.

I’m tired of the public safety / sanctuary city justifications.

I’m just fucking tired of all of it.

Trump could make a phone call and stop this instantly. He is choosing not to do so. He is choosing to conceal the true motivation and he’s only the latest in a litany of conservative White Americans to do so.

It’s all a complete and utter distraction. From what? The truth. The truth is that conservative (and many liberal and moderate to be fair) Americans, whether they say it publicly or not, view black, brown, red, and yellow people as a negative subhuman presence on this planet.

I’ll get to why in just a minute but I want to tell you who I am so you can level charges of bias against me properly. I am 100% biased. So were abolitionists. So were those who sheltered Jews from the Nazi’s. So were those advocated women should have equal rights to men. I see no fault in bias. I embrace it.

I was born in Nicaragua in 1974. Due to fear of violence, my family and I fled to the United States in 1978. Don’t worry; I was too young to remember it so there’s no trauma for me. We applied for asylum as political refugees and we were approved. Eventually I would be naturalized at age 13. I was a staunch Republican, Catholic, and social conservative until I was 20. I was then a staunch Republican, agnostic, and social liberal until I was 32. I was then a staunch Democrat, agnostic, and social liberal until I was 39. I was then and am now, without a hint of cognitive dissonance finally, a staunch Socialist, agnostic, and social liberal.

See, there’s lots of good stuff in there! You can attack me for abandoning my principles or changing my beliefs. Your ad hominem attacks will greatly amuse me. Your opinions will not carry any weight.

Oh and before you start listing all your black friends, voting for politicians who implement policies that discriminate against marginalized people also makes you a complicit racist.

Now that you know who I am, I’m going to tell you who you are.

You are part of the great conservative WHITE American (I’m just focusing on white evil in the USA for this post) tradition of fucking over people who don’t look like you, regardless of whether or not they even live in this country.

I present the following list of selected (to provide an exhaustive list would take years of research) crimes against people of color embraced by conservative White Americans since well before the founding of the United States of America.


1607-present: between 11 million to 112 million Native Americans died or were killed so that the USA could be formed.

Slavery: an estimated 500,000 black people were killed as part of the American slave trade.

1845: an estimated 25,000 Mexicans (civilians and soldiers) were killed in the fraudulent Mexican-American War that was entirely caused by the USA in a transparent imperialistic land grab.

From 1868-1882: 1200 black people were lynched by the Ku Klux Klan and their ilk.

From 1882-1968, nearly 3500 black people were lynched.

1845-present: It’s impossible to give a reasonable estimate of the amount of people who were killed or died due to American intervention based on colonial or imperialist motives or to prop up puppet regimes who themselves committed countless atrocities but I’ll provide some of America’s greatest hits:

Mexican-American War (see above)

Vietnam: Estimates of this war, which was 100% unnecessary, reach 3.5 million Vietnamese people killed.


Iraq: Approximately, by one study, 165,000 Iraqis have been killed since the USA invaded and started an amoral war in 2003.

Afghanistan: In retrospect, after 9/11, and knowing the bloodthirsty nature of the conservative American character, this war was going to happen. By one study, at least 31,000 Afghanis have been killed during this American intervention.

CRIMES AGAINST HUMAN DIGNITY: (you’re going to have to google these on your own because I’m too tired to do this anymore)

Jim Crow

Post civil war ku klux klan terrorism

American government refusing Jews fleeing the holocaust entry

The war on drugs

The American justice system

Clinton’s Welfare Reform

The continued segregation of native Americans


The Supreme Court gutting the Civil Rights act

And, most recently, the separation of children from their undocumented parents on the southwest border of the United States.




Conclusion, irrefutable: there is one common denominator among all these atrocities: whites treating people of color as less than human.

Honestly, I’d prefer it if all the racist whites would just come out and say they don’t see me or people like me as a full human being. Wouldn’t that save them a lot of time and energy? Isn’t obfuscating and justifying their racist actions really exhausting? That won’t happen. Why? Because they are cowards who choose to hide their true opinions. They are cowards who are jealously protecting their fiefdoms with 99% of the power and the money and the influence and the guns that the United States of America has to offer. Even with these resources to safeguard them, they are still afraid of letting people know the truth.

I know the truth.

I know how you see me.

I see you.

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One thought on “Dear Conservative White America: An Open Letter From A Subhuman

  1. this is beautiful … well, not the subject matter, that’s sad, anger inducing, terrible – but the writing, and the general argument is beautiful. thank you for sharing


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