Mantis Shrimps & Introducing Animal Reviews!

Need to cool off a bit after my last two posts. So I’ll turn to something that always makes me smile: the amazingness of animals.

As I review movies, tv shows, all forms of the written word, I have now decided to review animals.

The format: must fit within Twitter’s tweet character limit. SW SCORE will be a sum of 5 key animal features (each rated between 1 and 10, 10 being unicorn, 1 being dung beetle). Also included is more traditional 5 out of 5 octopuses rating.

The features are:

Brains (they smart?)

Badassness (do they do anything bad ass during the course of their day)

Looks (how pleasing are they to my eyes)

Weirdness (if they got some serious crazy going on)

Left (the less they are the cooler they are; I get that is also very sad)

The reason I even thought of this was because I was listening to a podcast about Mantis Shrimps today. Now I’m completely fascinated with them. Here are some amazing facts about them that I tweeted today.


Mantis Shrimps are super aggressive predators, also. They are very fast and very strong, so much so that the large ones (7-8 inches long) have to be housed in reinforced glass aquariums because their punches (how they kill prey) can break regular glass. #animals #ballers


How did marine biologist Justin Marshall discover Mantis Shrimps could see color? A colleague in the lab was wearing a colorful dress and ALL the shrimps flew to their aquariums’ walls and began waving their appendages. What? They were coming on to her. Seriously. #animals #love


Dogs have 2 cones (Part of eye). Humans have 3. Butterflies have 5 (they see colors we don’t even have names for). Mantis Shrimps have 16. They literally see the most diverse rainbow of any creature on earth. Isn’t that wild? I love #animals . Thanks @Radiolab #rainbow

So now without further ado, here’s my first animal mini review: mantis shrimp!

PeacockMantisShrimp: brains 1 Badass 9 Aesthetics 10 Weird 10 Left 1. SW score: 31. Few predators. They get horny for colors. They clean their crazy amazing eyes after a kill before they eat. They might communicate using a color spectrum. 5 out of 5 octopi. #animals #Review


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