Evil – ♾️, Good – 0

I got some venom out of my system yesterday but I need to excrete a little more today. A more refined batch. A purer poison.

To wit:

Evil always overcomes good.

It dominates every aspect of existence, in particular memory and reality.

Memory: if a person hurts you, physically or mentally, are you going to remember that more clearly or are you going to remember the time they bought you a beer?

Reality: do I really need to give you examples on how evil has thrived and is thriving and will thrive until the Earth ceases to exist? If you really want some examples, please see the contact section of this site and shoot me an email. I’ll send you some resources.

Ok yeah I get it. It’s a lot of work to navigate to my contact page and actually send an email. So here’s a quick list of humanity’s greatest evil hits:

  1. Genocide
  2. Slavery
  3. War
  4. Racism
  5. Sexism
  6. Religion
  7. Cruelty to animals

I guess the more germane point is WHY does evil always win? The short answer is that it won before the first ape stood up.

The long answer:

I’m going to use the Judeo-Christian anthropomorphic paradigm of the “good” god and the “evil” devil. It just writes better than using gender-neutral abstract terms. I’ll briefly describe the aspect of each and I think you’ll find their characterization can lead you to only one conclusion.

#teamevil :

You know why the devil doesn’t need religion to feel validated?

You know why the devil doesn’t even need to exist?

We’re all made in his image.

From the second we are expelled from the uterus, god’s avatars (Family, school, society, religion, work, government) paint layers of civility on us to reign in our true nature.

#teamgood :

The “good” god does need religion. It needs validation. It needs to impose rules and regulations. It is in an uphill battle against human nature.

Ok. So what? The bad guys win.

For what it’s worth, I don’t recommend OR discourage my world view. I’m good with it. It’s made me happier. Everybody’s gotta figure out who the hell they want to be and how the hell they want to act.

I do trust some people. They’ve managed to tamp down their evil core almost to the point that it almost never comes out. But I’m not taking any more applications for trust positions. There’s no such thing as a perfectly trustworthy person, anyway.

If you trained a tiger from birth, would you ever completely trust it? You can cover them up but their evil stripes will still be there, under that thin pathetic veneer.

I’m still happy to hang out with people I don’t trust, for what it’s worth. Shit, I don’t even trust myself. I’m just done assigning any expectations to them. All that’s ever done is disappoint me.

But in the end, I do have a son. And he’s being raised very well. And I think he will be one of those who diminishes the monster within. I won’t tell him how I feel about humanity until he’s reached adulthood and even then I won’t volunteer it unless he asks. It’s good to have a naive childhood. He will have plenty of time to discover what people really are.

Parting thoughts:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a pretty good human being, as far as they go. He famously said “The Arc of the Moral Universe Is Long, But It Bends Toward Justice.”

I agree. And shockingly, it is our cannibalistic nature that will deliver the universe from our evil. We’re destroying the only home we have*. In a bizarre irony, our shortsighted and self destructive evil ways will swallow us all up. The oceans will rise and wash away the scourge that is humanity.

Be glad. If you’re alive in 2018, you’ll likely be dead before our watery Armageddon.

*Most climate scientists estimate that significant decreases in global warming trends need to be established by 2020. After that there’s just simply no way to stem the tide. And further, there’s been no evidence or progress towards adopting policies that will further this goal.


6 thoughts on “Evil – ♾️, Good – 0

  1. Mr. Smith’s estimation of humanity by describing it to the sweating Morpheus tied to a chair is forever stamped in my mind. I hear that speech over and over whenever I turn on the news.

          1. Evil? Maybe caustic. Maybe judgmental. Maybe grumpy. Maybe militant. But evil? Hmm. Well I think all people are evil to an extent. So, sure. I’m only human after all!

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