F*ck Catholicism: Part 3 in an Ongoing Series: The Luck of the Irish

Any day Catholicism is blunted is a beautiful day. It is a cult that has caused more suffering, both physical and mental, than any other institution in the history of mankind.

Still haven’t seen a comment on the vote from the head papist, Francis. He’s very good at optics though so I expect a well crafted and vague statement combining lament and generous forgiveness to the poor sinners who have made this grave error.

I’ll let other much more eloquent people handle representing my thoughts on repealing the 8th amendment.

(All from twitter)

Leo Varadkar @campaignforleo

Thank you to everyone who voted today. Democracy in action. It’s looking like we will make history tomorrow…. #Together4Yes

Alice Murphy @alicemurphy13

Irish working in the UK: if there is anyone who can fly home to vote on Friday but doesn’t have the money, please DM me – I will pay for your flights home as I can’t come home myself. #HometoVote #Repeal8th #TogetherForYes

Simon Harris @simonharrisTD

😀 will sleep tonight in the hope of waking up to a country that is more compassionate, more caring and more respectful. It has been an honour to be on this journey with you and to work #togetherforyes . See you all tomorrow!

Michael Martin @michaelmartintd

With exit polls published, it looks like #8thRef has been emphatically passed. Important though that we respect and count every vote. If the exit polls are accurate, the view of our Republic is clear and we as an Oireachtas should move efficiently to enact the will of our people.

Niall Horan @niallhoran

Cmon Ireland ! This is your day to make another great decision. Please do right by the great women of our nation . 🇮🇪

Russell Crowe @russellcrowe

I have two beautiful sons . I wasnt lucky enough to have a daughter. If I had, I’d wish her to have courage like yours.

Nobody’s daughter should ever be told she doesn’t have authority over her own body.


Planned parenthood action @ppact

“I want to stress that you don’t have to agree with abortion to hope for an affirmative outcome. You just have to agree that Irish women should be afforded a legal—and safe—choice.” #repealthe8th

Irish Times @irishtimes

Irish Times exit poll suggests that the margin of victory for the Yes side in the referendum will be 68 per cent to 32 per cent – a stunning victory for the Yes side after a long and often divisive campaign.

Melanie Murphy @melaniiemurphy

Over 18s voting in the Irish referendum on Friday, remember: you’re voting on behalf of all the teens as young as 12 who are unable to vote but who can ALSO fall pregnant through rape, poverty/lack of access to contraception and/or poor education 👌 make the right decision.

Irvine Welsh @irvingwelsh

Hoping for a huge YES vote in the Irish abortion referendum. Time to consign all those flat earth medieval clowns and their antiquated patriarchal pish to history’s garbage can.

#ireland #freedom #fuckreligion #fuckcatholicism #fuckthepapistcult #repealthe8th #proCHOICE #reproductiverights #womensrights #fucksocialconservatives #fucktheGOP #religion #catholicism

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