F*ck The NFL

The NFL “solved” its nasty little PR player problem by allowing players who have an issue with respecting and standing for the national anthem to stay off the field until it is completed. This saves them the headache of irritating reporters publishing stories about players actually employing their constitutional rights and also allows those same traitors to avoid mandatory participation in an act they hold some objection to.

Before I start my rant, I’ll list some facts (go ahead, google them if you don’t believe me).

Begin facts:

The NFL’s ratings are declining

More and more parents are prohibiting their children from playing footballl because of the clear and severe medical risks

Most NFL fans are white males

A majority of white people have voted for the Republican presidential candidate since Lyndon B. Johnson signed the civil rights act into law

A majority of NFL fans are white males

A majority of white people voted for Trump

Trump is racist

Several influential forces, Trump included (he called the players “sons of bitches” and he called white supremacists “very fine people”) voiced opposition to the NFL’s lack of desire or inability to force the players to stand for the anthem and/or punish them for not doing the same

End facts:

Again, if you don’t agree with any of those facts, I question your ability to google and/or read. You might as well stop reading now because things aren’t going to get better for you.

What is the root of all evil? Right.

If most of the NFL’s fans were cool with the protests, the NFL would probably release a high minded press release about constitutional rights and go about its business.

But most of their fans are decidedly not cool with it.


Well, to put it bluntly, most white men are racist and jingoistic. They voted for a clearly racist and jingoistic presidential candidate who made statements during his campaign and afterwards that were patently racist and jingoistic.

If you vote for a bigot and war monger, you are supporting bigotry and war mongering. If that doesn’t make you a bigot or war monger, I’d like to know what does.

So in order to satisfy their biggest customer base and avoid lawsuits from the players, the NFL (a private organization which has every right to do so) changed its rules to placate racists, jingoistic, human pieces of shit (who are so insecure about their own beliefs that they can’t stomach a person kneeling quietly).

It ain’t about blue lives mattering. It ain’t about respect for a piece of cloth or military service (None of the protestors ever made any statement of complaint against the armed forces.).

It’s all about green backs and “uppity” blacks having the temerity to exercise their constitutional rights.

So, frankly, fuck the NFL.

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