Shout Out To Willam Carlos Williams

I saw a very attractive woman, dressed in her pajamas,walking her dog yesterday. That’s just the best, I thought. One I’ll never get (by choice – well very slightly mine and mostly that of every attractive woman on the planet) and one I’m waiting to get my shit together so I can rescue/adopt. It inspired me to write a poem. For the record, I am not good at writing poetry. I also strongly feel that poorly written poetry is terribly painful. It’s almost as if I’m foisting this on you with malicious intent. But I’m not. I just felt like it.

And I’m feeling lazy today. So sue me.

The terrible verse is coming up so now would be the moment to navigate to buzz feed to save yourself.

You were warned.

#BADpoetry #badpoem #poetry #williamcarloswilliams #doctor #poet #dating #secularmonk #nomoredating #pretty #attractive #pajamas #hot #topfivepercent #poem #dogs #beautiful #walk #dogsarebest #dogs #mansbestfriend #womansbestfriend #aesthetics

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