Barbarella (mini review++)

The tweet:

Barbarella: 9 acting 10 effects 9 directing 10 story 9 editing. SW score: 47. Special: Jane Fonda makes her nudity hot AND silly. PERFECT 60’s camp. Mind boggling story & dialogue. Inspired austin powers? Wildly feminist. Insane effects. 5 out of 5 octopi. #scifiart #MovieReview


Plus sized bonus content:

I cannot even begin to give a remotely adequate description of this movie. Clearly, everyone involved in its production was incredibly high. I mean every single person in the crew and the creative team and the actors and everybody.

It’s incredible. I know they really didn’t do outtakes back then but if they did this movie would have to have trillions of them.

I won’t even attempt to comment on the effects. No words I could write would come close to doing them justice.

If sixties camp were a deity this film would be its avatar. This is the perfect distillation of cinematic lunacy and it’s perfect in every way.

I’m flabbergasted.

#movies #janefonda #sixties #camp #insane #lunacy #sexploits #hilarioius #unique #oneofakind #trulyspecialeffects #top100comedy #top100scifi #top100satire

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