Deadpool 2 (mini review)

The tweet:

DP2: 7 acting, 7 story, 7 directing, 8 effects, 8 editing. SW SCORE*: 37 Special: like the first one: FUNNY, ultra violent, fast moving. Brolin rocks. @VancityReynolds delivers. Great action set pieces. Just a blast overall. 4 (out of 5) octopuses. #MovieReview #deadpoolmovie


If you liked the first one, you’ll love #2. More of the same fun with some great cameos and an LOL end credits scene. I love to see a rated R movie kill it at the box office because I am a profane pervert who likes the gratuitous violence.

I’ve also updated my unassailable ranking ( of comic book based films. Deadpool 2 did very well. 2018 continues to be a banner year for this genre.

#nosophomoreslump #moviereview #ranking #deadpoolmovie #deadpool2 #comics #joshbrolin #ryanreynolds

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