3 Percenters (redux)

As I swipe right on different dating apps I have installed on my iPhone* I have discovered that I am not interesting to 99.9% of the women in the DC metropolitan area.

But I’m convinced that 1% must have me measured correctly and the tyranny of the unfairly shallow vast majority just doesn’t get it.

They just can’t see my awesomeness (well to be fair I’m still looking for that, too).

99.9 out of 100 women in my area must be wrong.

Oh shit.

So I’m basically a climate change denier who says 97% of scientists must be wrong about the earth melting.

Maybe I’m on the wrong planet.

*I’m no longer dating or have any kind of dating apps. But this is how things were up until mid-April of 2018. Dating struggles were my life for probably 20 years so even though I’m out of the game, I’m gonna be processing my feelings for a while.


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