i would much rather be an animal than a human being

There’s a big hubbub about trump calling some undocumented immigrants “animals.” The whole anti-Trump Internet outrage cycle is in full effect. And as a former refugee turned naturalized citizen of this republic, I guess I should be outraged.

But I’m not. It shouldn’t be any news that trump is a racist. His father was a slumlord who illegally kept minorities from renting in his buildings. Far befor his presidency, trump was also involved in similar discrimination scandals involving minorities and his properties. And let’s not forget he thinks there are very fine people in a white nationalist (read: supremacist) march.

So I wasn’t surprised really by his statement or the reaction. Maybe some dems can use the statement to win some close elections in November? I think that’s the only possible utility to come out of the outrage. You aren’t gonna convert anyone who is still pro trump. If they are, they are committed mouth breathing bigots.

I guess I have to be forthright and admit that the current trump outrage cycle has generated some emotional response in me. But it’s not directed at the asshole in chief. I’m giving the side eye to a particular lot of outraged people. I know for a fact that a lot of them voted for trump and are having buyer’s remorse. And to assuage their appropriate guilt, they are getting extra mad at this recent horrible trumpism.

You can call them lapsed Democrats or moderate Republicans or whatever you want. Or you can just call them Assholes, which is really the most accurate and succinct label.

And to those assholes who helped elect trump and now feel regret, I offer one simple sentiment: Fuck you.

Fuck you right up your fucking ass with an HPV or HIV (your boy says they’re the same thing, right?) covered rusted barb wire layered mace. That is on fire.

While you’re giving a ride to the next school shooter (which should be in about 2 weeks), since voting for NRA controlled politicians is basically the equivalent act, I hope you swerve off the theoretical road into a ditch filled with angry MS-13 gang members.

If you claim you didn’t know trump was being serious with all his ignorant and racist statements during he campaign hen you are willfully naive and/or very stupid. If you did know he was being serious and are now outraged that he is being consistent then you are very stupid.

I guess it’s weird that a dumbass like myself has so little forgiveness in my tiny heart for stupid people. But that’s the case.

I guess the real reason that’s the case is because I don’t believe you lapsed trumpians thought he was just employing campaign rhetoric. I think you knew damn well he was being honest.

So with that belief in mind, I would make one simple request: please have a few drinks, pop some vicadins and go clean your loaded guns.

You are sincere about making the world a better place, right?

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