West Side Story: I Hate this Movie with the Fire of a Thousand Suns

I had a typical self-indulgent super long post all loaded up but it just wasn’t up to my exacting standards. So I am posting this movie review of the famous “classic” (piece of shit) West Side Story. I watched it as part of my project to watch every AFI Top 100 (American) Movies of All Time. It’s number 41 on the list. This abomination should not be on any list of any movies unless it was a list of movies that could be used to torture terrorist captives at Guantanamo Bay.

Here’s what I thought of it as I was watching it back in October of 2015.
This movie has been playing for less than 4 minutes and I already hate it. The things I’ll do to get through the AFI top 100.

I’m not a musical fan. I just know Shakespeare is spinning in his grave every time this movie is played.

Or you know that series of books , Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. (2018 UPDATE: That author combined a literary classic with monsters).  I wish zombies would show up and eat all the actors and the directors and writers of this movie before it was made. But that might be too post-modern.

This movie is hurting every part of my body.

I wish everyone got stabbed in the opening credits

Well I only got through the first 2 hours last night. Finished the rest this morning. In between I had to clean up multiple vomit piles from my poor, sick, roommate’s dog. That was the better experience.

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