I Feel Pretty mini review

The tweet:

I Feel Pretty: 4 acting,2 story, 2 directing, N/A special effects, 5 editing. SW SCORE: 13 Special: nothing. This was a milquetoast combo rip off of Big and Shallow Hall. I didn’t laugh one single time. Do NOT go to or rent or watch this movie for free. 0 (out of 5) octopuses. #IFeelPretty #MovieReview


Bonus content:

Why did Michelle Williams do this movie? And, oh, she was terrible in it, too. I didn’t look at the rotten tomatoes score (34%) before I saw it because, for me anyway, even looking at the score can prejudice my judgment. Especially since I’ve loved plenty of shittily reviewed movies.

I was gonna do a full review of this flick but it was just such pablum that I didn’t have the energy to try and squeeze one out.

#rottentomatoes #michellewilliams #amyschumer #amyschumerisbetterthanthis #amyschumerdeservesbetter #0swscore

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