Avengers Infinity War Part 1 (of 3?)


Today no vehemently negative stuff! I promise. I need to cleanse the palette.

Tonight I’m going to dinner and a movie with one of my dear friends, Sansa Stark (I know – crazy coincidence, right?). She is one of the friends who stood steadfastly by me when I was barely a person and certainly no fun to be around. And besides that, she’s also whip-smart, kind and likes the same geeky stuff that I do (mostly).

We haven’t decided where we’re going to eat yet but I love eating out with friends. It’s the best. We’re gonna see Avengers after dinner (it looks like I’ll be seeing it 3 times from tonight to Tuesday; I get over-excited sometimes). She’s not really interested in seeing it but as a true and noble geek, she doesn’t want to be left out of the cultural zeitgeist so she is going.

Honestly, I’m not even excited or interested either. I’m doing it out of appreciation for the comic book industry. Few things have brought me as much joy as comic books and graphic novels/trades. So I owe it to them. And like a Lannister, I pay my debts (though not very quickly or in an organized manner).

This is what I expect Avengers Infinity War: Part I to be: well made, good effects, some funny quips, decent story, ok pace, and an obvious cliffhanger ending to get the fans riled up for Part II.

Marvel Studios has consistently and incredibly released many movies and maintained a very high level of quality. It’s remarkable, really. I don’t think any other studio or production house has ever come close to this kind of streak.

But as my friend Bruce Banner (another weird coincidence!) said: I just don’t care anymore. Obviously, I still care since I’m going to see the thing 3 times (Maybe 4). But maybe it’s like you to go to this really good to great restaurant 30 days in a row. On that 30th day, I bet you will be craving McDonald’s. Too much of a good thing and all.

But I will do my best to sit back, extend my huge leather electronic seat recliner out all the way, place my extra-large Cherry Coke on the drink holder, my popcorn (extra butter) nestled between my fat belly and the seat, exhale deeply, and enjoy the show.

It’s the least I can do.



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