You (and me) Can Go Your Own Way

Not sure what to write about today. I mean I got some auxiliary shit in the pipeline I can use but I’m not feeling that today.


I guess I’ve been thinking about my big decision to leave the DMV. I decided that I want to move to Williamsburg, VA. It’s the city that is home to my alma mater. One of my nonbiological brothers lives there. People smile at you and chat you up even if they don’t know you. The speed limit on most roads is 25 mph. The cost of living is less than half of what it is in the DC area. There’s a real beach 1 hour away and the Outer Banks (the BEST beach) 90 minutes away. It’s a college town so the restaurant options don’t suck and there are a lot of nerdy or cultural events that transpire to satisfy a fat geek like me. Their rush hour (inside the city proper) is laughable. People care a lot less about what you drive or who you work for or where your house is or how incredibly busy and important you are. They’re just a lot nicer.

I probably wouldn’t agree with most of them on political or social issues. But I know my audience. I’m not going to start a gun debate with a guy wearing an NRA jacket. I have zero desire to convert people. Nor do I have the energy for it.

Since I’m most likely not destined to be a wealthy or even upper-middle-class, living in the third most expensive rental market in the USA probably isn’t an awesome idea, either.

I’ll miss my friends in the area for sure. But it’s only a 3-hour drive to visit and I have a feeling I’ll enjoy DC a lot more as a visitor.

I just don’t think I’ll be able to replace my favorite strip club. Ah well, in all things a little rain must fall.

It will be nice to be surrounded by youth and idealism (college students). I won’t really interact with them much at all but their buoyant hope and very different problems will make my cynical antennae tremble with bemusement.

I feel good about this.

Now all I gotta do is make it happen!

Wish me luck, true believers!

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