Once You Go Mac, DO NOT GO BACK!

Hi fellow computer nerds!

Non-nerds: This is a particularly boring and geeky computer post about a terrible product experience I have had with a computer I purchased 27 days ago from Dell. So you might wanna skip this one.

I have been using personal computers since 1986 (32 years) and I have owned 13 computers over that time (2 Macs and 11 Dos or Windows PC’s; 2 of which were made by Dell). I have NEVER had a PC perform so poorly as this Dell Inspiron 15.6″ Full HD Touch Screen. It has been an absolute nightmare. If you want the detailed and very boring performance lag measurements, please read the test session log that begins at the end of this blog post.

But for those who are not masochists, here’s a summary: I have been on the phone with Microsoft’s Windows 10 tech support on two separate phone calls for over 4 hours. They could not solve the slow performance. I have been on the phone with Dell tech support twice and they claimed the machine hardware was performing without issue after having me run BIOS tests. They then recommends I do a complete Windows 10 reset. I did that. An hour later the computer returned to its poor performance.

I have literally spent 15 hours trying to perform tasks that should have taken me 30 minutes. This does not include the 6 hours on the phone with the tech support from Microsoft and Dell.

Just imagine you’re typing an email and suddenly the characters stop appearing on the screen. You’d be annoyed at first but when they didn’t come back for minutes, you would be pissed. Or just imagine you clicked on a browser tab and it took 45 seconds to load the tab and while it was doing that, it froze the browser. Just imagine you’ve had enough of a slow application and you click to close it and it takes 2 minutes to close. It would piss you off. Just imagine you had to force shut down your computer because when you opened the lid and pressed on the keyboard and then the power button and nothing happened for 5 minutes that you had to power down the computer by holding down the power button. Then you had to restart it twice because Windows 10 complained that it was not properly loaded.

Imagine all that.

And realize that you bought this computer 27 days ago.

Back in 2007 I bought a MacBook Pro after being a Windows guy for 10 years. My MacBook Pro now runs pretty slow but it’s still going and when it was new, it absolutely flew. Based on my wonderful experience with my MacBook Pro, I bought a 27” iMac in 2012. It has been great as well and it still performs as well as it did when I first brought it home.

I’m going to save up for a 15” (or comparably sized MacBook). I’ll just use the computers at the local library while I wait.

I went with a Dell because Mac machines were out of my current budget. But what I have lost in time and frustration is not remotely worth the cost savings.




Started entire test Session at 10:45 AM 4/12/2018:

From power button to being able to press space bar: 45 seconds

Press space bar for prompt to appear: 2 seconds

Accept password typing: instant

Wait 2 minutes for boot routine (per Windows help desk tech)

From clicking on Mailbird to main email pane stopping loading : 1:20

Note: 20 seconds later the main message pane is loading again – what is it loading?

Clicking on Edge: click to fully load: 6 seconds

Clicking on colonial Williamsburg link in Edge: 7 seconds

Same site: clicking on careers : instant

careers page: clicking on browse opportunities: instant

Switching tab to new tab and entering gmail.com waiting for gmail to load: 15 seconds

On google drive site: opening a new doc took and having it fully load took 10 seconds

11:29 AM: screen freezes for 5 seconds while typing in a google word doc

In general I found the google doc editing session to have a lot of moments when simple typing is delayed by 1-3 seconds before the pressed character appears on the document.

11:37 AM- exported a google document as PDF, an action that normally takes less than 2 seconds. Entire system was unresponsive for 93 seconds.

11:43 AM – unable to type anything in Type Here to Search window

Google.com stopped responding

Another website I was on stopped responding

Windows 10 prompt asking me what I want to do with google pdf download: I click on save 4 times with no response at all

Right click on desktop to bring up context menu: 10 seconds

Click on Type Here to Search box: no response for : 2 minute than I gave up

Right click to bring up task manager to fully load: 38 seconds

Task manager shows consistent 98% Memory usage and 100% Disk usage

Going on 5 minutes+ with still no access to Type Here to Search box.

Edge had been unresponsive for 10 minutes+. Did an End Task on Edge and memory usage dropped from 97% to 48%

11:57- Windows start menu appears, 14 minutes after clicking the button for it to appear

Disk usage maintains at a constant 100%

Click on Word to start app for it be fully loaded and ready to use: 45 seconds

Switched to Firefox as Edge was unusable

Opened in good time

Navigated to gmail in good time

Time to open a google word doc: 20 seconds

12:38 PM – nearly 2 hours after starting session, computer is still at 99% disk use – this has been a constant. Memory is at 95% with Mailbird, MS Word, and Firefox open. There was a 20 minute dip in memory to about 60% from 12:05 PM to 12:25 PM.

12:45 PM- took 49 seconds for Type Here to Search box to allow typing

12:47 PM- took 25 seconds for control panel to load after double clicking on control panel result


5:55 pm: 2 minutes to load gmail

Ended Firefox browser session with task manager

6:06: Firefox loaded completely in 32 seconds – not terrible – not great

6:30 – put computer to SLEEP mode


10:13 AM

Turn on from “sleep”: took 55 seconds to get to password prompt

Click on Firefox: responds well

Click to start Mailbird: not fully loaded for 1 minute 40 seconds

Start shutdown 1 minute 40seconds



MAILBIRD authorization to make changes to HD took 15 seconds to come up

Click on Mailbird to start app first time: 55 seconds to license prompt

4:29 pm – 30 seconds for chrome to close

Click on start button – 5 seconds to bring up


9:58 AM

45 seconds for Mailbird to fully load

20 seconds for Settings (Windows OS) to load

12:24 PM: clicking on FORWARD in email took 20 seconds for relevant dialog to appear

12:57 PM: clicking to launch Firefox till fully loaded: 31 seconds

12:58 PM: started typing in Type Here to Search box and it took 40 seconds for numbers to appear

To launch settings till fully loaded: 32 seconds

1:16 PM: opening new tab in chrome 1 minute+ (forced closed it)

1:18 PM: over two minutes since hitting crrl alt del and task manager is not up yet – and chrome is unresponsive still

1:20 PM: task manager dialogue appears and says not responding

1:24 PM: from opening wordpad to being able to actually perform any actions: 1 minute 30 seconds


3:52 pm-Would not wake up from sleep mode.Had to force shit it down holding power button. (WRITER’S NOTE: This is the moment when I decided to return this computer for a full refund)

3:57 pm- (4 minutes plus) for chrome to open and be actually accessible

3:58 pm- 2 minutes and counting for task manager to open and be actually accessible

4:01 pm-3 minutes for Mailbird to open completely

4:05 pm-screen freezes after typing TWO WORDS in an email

4:14 pm-closed email client and it shockingly closed right away with no delay

4:15 pm-clicked to open mail client; took 29 seconds (back to the normal level of terrible performance)

4:27 pm-started writing detailed blog about my experience with this computer but browser froze and I waited 5 minutes but it never unfroze so I force quit all the applications and shit down the computer and finished the blog on my smartphone.


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