Day Number 5 Is Alive

Had a nice breakfast: fluffy scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, a HUGE donut, and a tasty Bloody Mary. I then took a long hot shower and a nap because eating breakfast and taking a shower took it out of me.

I hit the hot tub for a minute in the afternoon and drank a lot more Malibu and Coke. We had an amazing meal for dinner: pork loin, salmon with homemade mustard dressing, homemade bread, delicious mixed vegetables and a shit ton of Rioja.

I did a lot more job search stuff and more boring financial planning stuff that all related to my great escape from the DMV.

(One annoying thing: I decided I need to return my piece of shit brand new Dell laptop. I’ve been using computers since about 1986. I have never had such a terrible experience with a computer, new or used. It’s actually kind of incredible.)

I’m excited about living in a place that is better for me, mentally and financially. But I’m also scared. It’s not that I’m experiencing that whole vacation delusion people often have that they believe they can live in Hawaii and then they get home to Topeka and never do a thing about it.

I moved to Scotland because I got a notion about it in Istanbul. That’s a whole other story.

But I’ve been thinking about this escape for months now. I can see much more clearly now. And I know where there’s a lot less rain.

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