Day 4 For Night

Yesterday was pretty fun. I spent a few hours of the day trying to get my brand new laptop fixed so that sucked major balls. But we had a great meal for dinner (my buddies can cook really well; I can’t cook anything) and I poured about half a bottle of Malibu rum and a bottle of red wine (some Cab, some Pinot Noir) so I was completely hammered. I’m the “I love you man” and overly huggy drunk. Very stereotypical type. I think there was a lot of karaoke singing. It’s pretty blurry. And a lot of amateur MMA style wrestling moves. All very homoerotic but I don’t think anyone got laid. I don’t really remember a lot about the evening except there were lots of laughs and good conversation and dumb conversation and (redacted) that would be strongly frowned upon by the #metoo movement.

I love my lady friends and I have lots of them, too. I’m very fortunate. Women, I have found, are generally much better people than men. (Sure there are asshole ladies and great guys. I happen to have run into the former many times and I am extra lucky to be friends with many examples of the latter.) But by and large, I’ve found women to be more empathetic and nicer and I put a high premium on those traits.

But even with the ladies, I am super close with, I simply cannot talk the same way with them as I can with my male friends. But since my mind and soul were burned down and reborn, I have been able to speak much more openly and in a much less censored manner with my lady friends than I ever have before in my life. I still adjust my conversation to the person I am speaking to but this applies to male friends as well as female friends. Some of my guy friends simply don’t want to talk about my penis issues with me. Some do. Some of my lady friends don’t give a shit about my emo whines and some kindly indulge me. And of course some people get offended by certain topics and some don’t. And while I won’t censor my blog to spare feelings, I will absolutely censor my conversations to not offend a friend if I can possibly help it.

If I’m gonna offend or piss off a person I care about, there’s gotta be a good fucking reason for it.

Anyhow, I’m going to fill this tall glass with 80% Malibu and 20% Coke and get to the hot tub.

Talk to y’all soon.

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