Days of Present Present 3

I woke up after a nice night’s sleep in a very comfortable bed in a room full of legos in a very old friend’s house. I breathed a literal sigh of relief that I was waking up in a domicile where I didn’t have to worry about an annoying as fuck and awkward confrontation with two of the residents.

But it was too good to be true.

I had some job search stuff I was gonna do on my less than 3-week old laptop but the universe was just not gonna have it. My computer started basically taking fucking forever to do any action. Applications would take three minutes to open. The same apps would take 2 minutes to close. Going from one browser tab to another would take 45 seconds. The fucking thing was fucking unusable.

So what would have taken me 30 minutes required the following: 90 minutes of me trying to fix the problem (and I have 12 years of information technology and a master’s degree in software engineering). No dice. So then I called the manufacturer of the computer, Dell, and they tried for 30 minutes. No dice. So then I called Microsoft since the OS was Windows 10. They remote logged in to my laptop (at a VERY high fee for a broke motherfucker like me) and the guys were adjusting and scanning and changing settings and doing multiple restarts for 90 minutes. And voila it worked normally! I breathed another sigh of relief.


2 hours later I was starting to work on some more job search and the motherfucking laptop was at it again. Every fucking action on the thing was delayed by at least 1 minute. Imagine trying to start an email to your adult cosplay seamstress and it takes over a minute to appear. Fucking hell.

We then went to Taco Bell and I poured about 128 ounces of Dr. Pepper down my throat so the pseudo-cheese and liquid carb-fest hit the right parts in my brain and I was in a better mood.

I spent the rest of the afternoon drinking weak light beer on a deck overlooking a canal. It was a gorgeous day.

I’m gonna end recording events now because shit is about to go down at night. It might get wild. But I gotta be present for it.

(But we’re basically gonna drink too much wine and eat too much steak and get tired and sleepy and fall asleep at nine)


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