Spielberg’s Back!


So yesterday was an emotional post for me so I’m gonna go a little lighter today. Here’s my review for Ready Player One (I’ve read the book FWIW):

Usual rules apply: I will list 5 memorable quotes and 5 memorable non-quotes. But this time I’m adding a list of all the pop culture references I caught (and I’m sure there are tons I missed).

But this time the fivers might be mixed in a little with the reference list. But that’s ok; it’s part of the fun.



This is an adaptation of the book of the same name. It’s a dystopian future set in Columbus, Ohio. People are generally miserable and everyone plays this intense virtual reality game called the Oasis. It’s so popular it’s the most valuable company on Earth. You can be anyone or anything you want in the Oasis. The Oasis’ creator was a huge 80’s pop culture fan so the Oasis is littered with those references. One day the creator dies and says whoever wins his contest gets control of be Oasis. And that’s be plot of the movie. The contest with the requisite Spielbergian good young adults/teens versus the evil mega entity.

Here we go: (references)

Climb Mount Everest with Batman (also a top 5 non-quote AND quote!)

“Losing your shit means losing your shit.” (Fiver quote)

Star Trek


THE Delorean (fiver non-quote: it’s the protagonist’ ride)


Big foot

Jurassic Park


Akira bike

Iron giant (fiver non-quote because I love him)

Take on me by Aha


Buggles ‘video killed the radio store’

Peter Parker

Bruce banner

Magic fingers bed (fiver non quote)

Space invaders

Bill and Ted


Holy hand grenade (fiver non quote)

Steam punk

Tootsie pop owl


Steve jobs


Beetle juice

Dark crystal


Duran Duran

Bucksroo bonzai

Bee gees ‘staying alive’ (fiver non quote: great action scene set to this song)

Millenium falcon

John Hughes

Ferris buelller

Breakfast club

tab (soda)


The fly

Say anything

The shining

Atari 2600

Complete nancy drew

Magic 8 ball



Adventure (1979 game)

Twisted sister



MEKAGODZILLA (fiver non quote)


Those weird monster face bouncy plastic balls from the 80’s (fiver non quote)

T2 death for iron giant (fiver non quote)

Streeet fighter energy blast move: “hayuuukkan” (fiver non quote)

Extra life (fiver non quote)


Mario Kart


“Because reality is real” (fiver quote)

Even the evil villain had a change of heart (fiver non quote)

That’s it. I covered the top 5 quotes (or at least came close) and top 5 non quotes.

So let’s talk Steve. In my opinion he hasn’t made a fully fun and great movie since Catch Me If You Can in 2002. He’s done several good movies which are of fine quality and good production value and decent acting and such: all Spielberg staples. But all of those interim movies aren’t anything I’m that interested in seeing again. I rewatch Catch Me If You Can If I come across it, for example. I can’t say the same for War Horse.

But this movie was just plain fun and funny. Speilberg has always been good at directing young people and this flick is no exception. It reminded me of his opus, E. T.

It of course did not match the sincerity or beauty of the Extra Terrestrial but it felt like its distant cousin.

A word on adaptation: I loved the book but Speilberg absolutely employed the correct strategy. An adaptation should be true to the heart of the novel but it’s own independent telling. It was.

I’m gonna go see it again. Make sure you see it at least once.

Overall I give this 4 out of 5 octopi.

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