Value Added Bullshit

Today’s been busy. So I gotta be brief. Here’s the deal. Not that I have more than 2 readers, but whoever’s our there: give me a movie to review and I’ll review it and post it on here. Anything you want. Except porn. Porn needs no review. It is all perfectly good and perfectly evil. And I can’t ever watch more than a few minutes at a time so writing about a single adult film would probably take me a few years.

It’s just been a crazy 8 days and I just need to pause a little today. So I’m watching a movie that I don’t have much hope for and then going to a yoga yin class (uber chill yoga/meditation mix : good for stress which is what I’m fighting right now). And then I’m going to get high and drink a bottle of Pinot noir and take the day off tomorrow and sleep in. Mazeltov! (To me)

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