Maybe Judas Wasn’t So Bad After All

I went to Opening Day today at one of my favorite ballparks. The weather was perfect. The home team won in dramatic fashion. I splurged on beer and hot dogs and pizza. I had hours of excellent conversation with a good friend. It was GREAT.

But the day started with my noticing a tweet about FOX News personality Lauren Ingraham.

Some of my lady friends might want to stop reading at this point (you’ve been warned).

There was this recent controversy about this cunt talking shit about the high school classmates of those killed in the Parkland mass shooting, or what should be more accurately described as the NRA’s weekly buy more guns event. This cunt has been spewing vile and ignorant shit on FOX News but I guess the current outrage meter is particularly high in the USA with regards to mass shootings. I don’t understand how high schoolers getting killed promoted this kind of outrage when a room full of first graders getting killed resulted in literally nothing. But hey better late than never I suppose.

So some folks compiled a list of advertisers who pay for time during this cunt’s time slot on FOX News. They were asking Twitter users to tweet at these companies and state that they were going to be boycotted for supporting this cunt. Tweeting is pretty easy so I went ahead and tweeted at these death merchants.

Shockingly none of them have responded to my tweet!

But as I was sending it out it struck me that I’ve heard from a few moderate Republicans in my life lately that they supported the anti gun march held in DC that was headlined by speeches from young people. Enough was enough, they told me.

I want to make my position very clear to these moderate Republicans with regard to their change of heart.


You motherfuckers knew FULL well that by electing Republicans to office you were electing the party that serves at the beck and call of the NRA. The same NRA which has tirelessly worked to weaken gun laws and warp the intention of the 2nd amendment so that guns are laughably easy to acquire.

And now you say enough is enough? Hundreds of people being shot in Vegas wasn’t enough? Sandy Hook wasn’t enough? Virginia Tech wasn’t enough? I could go on and on listing other mass shootings but I want to take a nap.

Anyone who has voted for Republicans over and over in the past two to three decades is absolutely complicit with The UNIQUELY American volume of mass gun deaths. Blood might not be on your hands directly but it is for damn sure in your ballot boxes.

You make me fucking sick.

You are human refuse.

Oh but I was voting for fiscal sanity!

Oh but I was voting to save unborn babies!

So while THOUSANDS of Americans who are ACTUALLY alive are getting shot to death, you’re comforting yourselves with your fucked up morality and your tax cuts.

Religion and money and guns: they trump decency for the GOP and its hordes of “well meaning” voters.

I’m going to nap now. I hope the cunt and all her kind shoot each other till they’re all horrible footnotes in history. Judas was repugnant but at least when he sold his soul, only one person was killed.

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