Holiday Post Part 1

Sometimes I’m really hungover or on other less than advisable substances and I sleep in too much and I just don’t have time to give a full fledged portion of my astounding bullshit.  It won’t happen often. I don’t make much money and I just can’t handle being hungover anymore. I’m too old and out of shape. So I will be taking mini-holidays now and then. I’ll still post something but they won’t be the swirling, self-indulgent diatribes that you’ve all come to know and love.  Hey, even Tarantino directed a ‘meh’ movie once.

To wit:

If dating and relationships were the galaxy far, far away, I would be an expert guide for the outer rim territories (getting dates, first dates, occasionally 2nd-3rd dates, sniffing out early stage rejections, etc) but I could tell you nothing about the self-proclaimed center of the universe: long term relationships (with the traditional imperial capital situated on planet marriage).

The question I’ve struggled with a lot in the last few years is would I even want to know how the other half lives? Some of us are mustangs. Some of us are race horses. Surely, there must be glory in both. Surely there must be tribulations for both. But after 22 years of exhaustive dating (and believe me when I say exhaustive – I’ve had literally hundreds of attempts), I think I might just be a wild stallion. And that’s ok.

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