Not A Damn Thing Is Going To Change

NRA-Make-America-Dead-Again-gun-control-United-States-MintpressNews-1920x900You’re asking a committed cynic to be optimistic. Sorry. I won’t help you there. But I’m very glad there are people who are not like me who are still fighting. Thank fucking god.

But when it comes to any reasonable actions taken by the federal government to address the systemic causes of gun violence in the United States, I have only an infinitesimally small amount of hope. Maybe not even that much.


Trump is filling the federal judiciary with pro gun Assholes and the senate is helping by rubber stamping them through. Maybe the dems can take back the senate but I’m not holding my breath.

Neil Gorsuch is gonna be on the Supreme Court for 30+ years. I believe Donald Trump will be re elected. That means, in all likelihood he will be picking the replacement for Justice Kennedy and Justice Ginsburg. Again, a majority Democratic senate could force him to choose moderately sane conservative jurists. But I wouldn’t even trust a majority Democratic senate to stand up to Trump.

To the Democratic National Committee and all other interested parties:

I hope you are having a nice day. My name is (redacted). I am a socialist who believes in a sensibly regulated capitalist economy with an aggressive social safety net, universal healthcare, and free higher education (not just undergrad but ALL). I am NOT an independent voter. If Jesus Christ himself rose from the grave and ran for office on the GOP ticket, I would vote for the Democrat.

But here’s how I see today’s Democratic Party (note: not all Democratic politicians fit this bill but I’m comfortable generalizing)

1. The party couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse.

2. The party is afraid to give a full throated defense of their values and principles .

3. They have abandoned fighting for state legislatures or state judicial elections or simply don’t have the money or wherewithal to win either very often (I know lots of Dems won in the Virginia state legislature elections but that’s just cuz voters in this country are so fucking stupid that they thought Trump and the GOP had their best interests at heart. And when they realized they didn’t, they got furious. Seriously though, how many times do they have to take the football away from you at the last minute? Idiots: even Rihanna gave up on Chris Brown eventually). If Jeb Bush or some other remotely sane elephant was president I don’t think you would see this anger or motivation. So in typical Democratic fashion, they have stumbled into a winning situation through absolutely no design of their own.

4. They are fucking terrible at messaging. Why does FOX clobber MSNBC in the ratings? Where is the left’s Rush Limbaugh?

5. They are terrible at naming bills (would you rather vote for the Affordable Care Act or the PATRIOT ACT?). They are terrible at selling those bills, too.

6. They are bringing a gun to the knife fight. Michelle Obama said “when they go low, we go high.” I hope that’s comforting for her when the GOP decides to amend the constitution to allow handgun rape. I think Michelle Obama is spectacular but I disagree with her on that point. It has become evident to me that the American electorate responds to going low : they are pigs and they LOVE to roll around in the shit and mud.

7. They don’t have the ends, brah. The GOP crushes them when it comes to finances.

8. They have a glaring deficit of creative or compelling or interesting policy ideas or I haven’t heard about them (and I’m a masochist- I read more about this shit BY FAR than the average voter). The GOP has all kinds of new insane ideas all the time but at least people notice them.

9. They are afraid to call a spade a spade. This falls under messaging but a Dem candidate would not include the following militant and aggressive statements(GOP style) for example, in their regular campaign stump speech or campaign literature or advertising:

A. The NRA facilitates mass murder and should be declared a terrorist organization.

B. The religious right is the American Taliban

C. The GOP disagrees with 97% of scientists on climate change because they are evil or fucking morons or both.

D. They would like to establish a Christian theocracy

E. They want their asinine beliefs (like creationism) taught in public schools.

F. They are warmongers and war profiteers.

G. They willfully serve their corporate and special interest masters to the detriment of this country and their own moronic voters.

H. Unlike the VAST CONSENSUS of physicians, they believe a fetus is a person.

I. They’ll make sure you’re born but you’re on your fucking own once the nurse has finished wiping the amniotic fluid off you.

J. Assholes: they walk hand in hand with the corporations that have been shipping your jobs overseas for DECADES.

K. They always go to bat for the cop when he or she shoots down another person of color. L.The GOP sure is a big tent: they shelter racists and call them very fine people.

M. They really want to be able to say the N word.

N. They feel the socioeconomic ethnic group that controls 99% of the power and money in this county is persecuted

O. Lots of them think healthcare is a PRODUCT, not a right. So if you’re poor and you can’t afford the right treatment, you’re fucked.

P. No one even remotely cool likes them or spouts their shit.

Q. Trickle down economics is a gang rape except it’s the 1% and their henchman fucking the 99%.

R. They espouse American Exceptionalism and America First foreign policy because , you know, that kind of shit has made North Korea a paradise

S. They want to tell consenting adults who they should be able to fuck and marry and love ; And this is the party of privacy?

T. They collude with and admire Russia. And if you don’t know how twisted and evil those fucks are then you really should go learn about it.

U. They LOVE Donald Trump and all the insane and evil shit he believes and says.

V. Their successful strategy to take the southern electorate focused on bringing out the inner racist in every southerner.

W. They love Walmart – a company so massive and so imperialistic that it has steadily destroyed the individuality and small business of American towns everywhere.

X. Despite being very unpopular with THEIR OWN PARTY SUPPORTERS, they killed net neutrality.

Y. They have never given one second of thought to the over one hundred thousand Iraqis that were killed as a result of the 2nd Iraq invasion.

Z. Old folks : this is the party that wanted to stop social security and Medicare.

In summary: unless you’re rich, they don’t give a fuck about you. You are chattel.

So with the Democratic Party defending decent values, the GOP transforming the judiciary and state legislatures and probably 7 more years of Trump, I don’t think there’s any realistic hope of any kind of significant gun control legislation. On the contrary, the twisted GOP version of the dream of a chicken in every pot will soon be a gun in every hand.

Not that I think any militant conservative people are actually reading this but I just wanted you assholes to know: I’m not interested in a debate and any comments you leave that are not civil and constructive will never see the light of day.

I’m not apologizing for one fucking syllable in this blog post. If you’re offended, GOOD.

To every GOP asshole out there, do ME a favor and get drunk and go clean your gun (responsible gun owners : please follow all the correct and safe procedures when handling your weapons).

Good night and good luck.

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