The Jaws of Life?


Hi world it’s me -name redacted- although I’m not sure I want to end up like tiger woods; I wouldn’t mind the fame, hundreds of millions of dollars, skanky sexcapades, and the gorgeous Swedish wife but I think I could do without the public implosion and losing the Swedish wife. My Swedish friends would be upset.

I don’t know what this blog is going to be about exactly but I can tell you why I’m doing it. I’ve never written a blog before or done a live journal and my longest Facebook post is a paragraph (yes I am lame and old and on Facebook). Some of my posts will be funny to me at least and some will be serious to me at least. But to paraphrase: don’t knock Mental masturbation ; it’s diatribes with someone I love.

I just went through a personal hell that I WOULD wish on my worst enemy. I never understood that saying – if it’s your worst enemy than why wouldn’t you want the worst to happen to them? I guess it makes me an asshole but I’m ok with that – fuck it. This is not to imply that I’m planning ponderously long posts. I have no set length in mind but I suspect they won’t be too long. I’m not trying to TL;DR anybody.

What’s that? Why the anonymity? Well I think the best writing happens when a person is writing something that they are afraid to reveal. You know – deep, personal raw shit. I’ll drop a lot of personal details though and good on ya if you figure out who I am (why am I even worrying – who the hell is going to read this?). If you do unmask me I will congratulate you and give you absolutely nothing for your effort because I don’t make much money and what Free money I do have is earmarked for movies, eating out and booze (In that order of priority).

Anyhow, see you next time, amigos!

6 thoughts on “The Jaws of Life?

  1. I Like it. I think anonymity is good for your peace. Also I think I’m old because I haven’t heard of a blog like this. Agree on having some current topics for tilltilating the Audience. Did you already watch ladybird? It’s a voyeurism into any old American family.

    1. I saw Ladybird and I did enjoy it. This is my first blog and I’ve only been doing it for a few days so it’s new to me. But this blog’s only real purpose is to amuse me but it would flatter me if someone now and then liked one of the posts.

  2. I think it’s very good, and I like the style. Being anonymous will make people curious enough to keep coming back and adding to the dialog. Throw in some politics, and you’ll have them eager for more!

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