Some Tom Wolfe Wisdom

I’ve read a few of Tom Wolfe’s books. I love his writing. He was a great writer and he knew it and more than one person has noted that he was guilty of excessive purple prose or showing off – basically masturbation in prose form. It’s pretty evident that he was showing off. But that […]

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Barbarella (mini review++)

The tweet: Barbarella: 9 acting 10 effects 9 directing 10 story 9 editing. SW score: 47. Special: Jane Fonda makes her nudity hot AND silly. PERFECT 60’s camp. Mind boggling story & dialogue. Inspired austin powers? Wildly feminist. Insane effects. 5 out of 5 octopi. #scifiart #MovieReview (MR0019) Plus sized bonus content: I cannot even […]

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3 Percenters (redux)

As I swipe right on a different dating apps I have installed on my iPhone* I have discovered that I am not interesting to 99.9% of the women in the DC metropolitan area. But I’m convinced that 1% must have me measured correctly and the tyranny of the unfairly shallow vast majority just doesn’t get […]

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Deadpool 2 (mini review)

The tweet: DP2: 7 acting, 7 story, 7 directing, 8 effects, 8 editing. SW SCORE*: 37 Special: like the first one: FUNNY, ultra violent, fast moving. Brolin rocks. @VancityReynolds delivers. Great action set pieces. Just a blast overall. 4 (out of 5) octopuses. #MovieReview #deadpoolmovie (MR0018) If you liked the first one, you’ll love #2. […]

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